Jarek Lustych


Man's attitude towards water is based on two opposing aspects of this element: a body of liquid (as a sea or lake) and the ultimate source of life. This contradiction is built upon our most primal experiences. We are aware of water's live-giving power when at the same time our subconsciousness is terrified by the visions of dark flowing depths. This could be the origin of our twofold approach to reflective surfaces of any kind. We are attracted or even mesmerised by them, but theirs suspicious unrealism makes us feel uncomfortable. In most cultures mirrors are perceived as beings of a spiritual provenance. Symmetrical reflections allow us to see the other side of reality.

These are the foundation sources of my project. A form made of shiny metal floating on the surface of water, together with its reflection creates a perfect silhouette (figure) of a heart. The constant play of shines affects both parts of the shape, making it uniform . Its inseparability brings to mind the famous Platonic apple. But there is a small catch. While one half of the heart is firm, the other one fluctuates, permanently disturbed by rippling of water. This could provide recognition of a dual nature of our affections and a danger of their shallowness. Very often we are moved only by the imaginary creation of the other person and not by one's true personality.